How Penis Enlargement Pills Works: The Facts

It is well known that men throughout the centuries and even millennia have researched and experimented on how penis enlargement works. Most of the techniques and solutions don’t work. However, there are a few that do affect the male anatomy and can work as a penis enlarger.

We will examine some of these penis enlargement solutions to see how they work and if they are effective at giving you a bigger penis.

 Penis Anatomy

the erect penis enlargement anatomy

For erection the penis has two major parts:

  • The Corpora Cavernosa are two large soft tissue chambers on the top of the penis
  • The Corpus Spongiosum is a smaller soft tissue chamber which runs along the bottom of the penis.

For the penis to become erect the Corpora Cavernosa must fill with blood. The Corpus Spongiosum contains the urethra which is used for urination and ejaculation.

During an erection the two chambers which comprise the Corpora Cavernosa are filled with about ninety percent of all of the blood in the penis.

The size and capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa is responsible for the total amount of blood the penis can hold. The more blood the penis can hold the larger and thicker and harder the erection is. It stands to reason that increasing the size of the Corpora Cavernosa will lead to penis enlargement and a thicker, longer, harder erection.

Penis enlargement cannot happen on its own. Only a few proven techniques have been shown to affect Corpora Cavernosa growth and enlargement.

Enlarging the Corpora Cavernosa

The physical constraints of the Corpora Cavernosa and its capacity to fill with blood limit the length and thickness during erection. This limitation can increase with age.

Clinical and medical studies have proven that the capacity can be increased. The use of certain ingredients in penis enhancement pills and use of a penis extender can actually enlarge the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa and the overall length and thickness of the erect penis.

Increases in libido, harder, thicker erections, and increased stamina can be achieved by taking certain natural supplements.

The best penis pills can guarantee you a bigger, harder and longer lasting erection and can amplify the results you get from using a penis extender.

Which Penis Pills for Penis Enlargement?

It is extremely important that you choose natural male enhancement pills that contain the best ingredients in the proper dosages that will lead to the best results for your needs and safety.

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