Penis Enlargement By Way Of Penis Stretching to Increase Length and Thickness

Men have always been concerned about the size of their penis and how to increase its length and thickness.  With today’s better understanding of biology, physiology and medicine penis enlargement can be achieved by using a penis penis extender device and supplemental male enhancement pills.

The devices generally incorporate some form of stretching the penis.  The latest in the technology and the one which shows the best results according to tests are penis extenders.  They are designed stretch the tissue in the muscle in a safer and more controllable fashion than other devices.

How does stretching work in the body?

The constant tension on the body works in two ways.

  • Firstly stretching lengthens the ligaments. We can see this in effect in the women of the Paduang tribe in Myanmar (Burma).  They gradually stretch their necks over years by increasing coiling metal rings around their necks.  While the vertebrae does not grow the ligament are shown in X-rays to be clearly stretched giving the appearance of a longer neck.
  • Secondly, stretching expands the soft tissues and muscles allowing the cells to expand and rebuild causing an increase in the general size of the muscles.  We can see this effect in athletes.

How does stretching work on the penis?

In the same way that stretching works for the rest of the body it has similar effects on the penis.  The suspensory ligaments get longer and the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum increase in volume.  The biology behind the processes of  penile extension is as follows:

  • First, penis stretching causes the soft tissue to microscopically separate.  This in turn causes the cells to replicate to fill in those spaces.  The penis gets longer as a result of this process.
  • Second, the increase in cellular structure is applied to the full cross section of the penis.  This means that the penis gains girth and becomes thicker.

Proper stretching using a reputable penis extender is one of the few successful and tested penis enlargement methods available. Using the penis extender properly will allow the two processes to create long term penis enlargement.

Some modern variations of penis enlargement

Traditionally various cultures around the world used various different methods to attempt penis enlargement with some success, but also with many failures.  Sometimes weights were hung from the tip of the penis.  If done incorrectly damage could easily be done.  There could be loss of sensitivity or even loss of stability where the penis would get hard, but not erect.  The jelqing method or milking method was also employed. This had limited success.  Either showing small growth or in many instances when done too vigorously even causing damage to the penis.

Modern approaches started using pumps.  Pumps worked fairly well, but generally the penis enlargement proved to be temporary and a few days after the penis would revert back to its original size.  Also damage to the penis has been recorded when men didn’t pay attention to the proper way of using the penis pump.  Lately, male enhancement pills and supplements have taken the forefront of penis enlargement.  Reputable pills and supplements are great for relieving erectile dysfunction and improving general health.  However, they won’t cause your penis to grow by themselves.  You need to take the pill in conjunction with using a penis enlargement technique.  Penis extenders have more recently been tested by reputable medical institutions and have found to be extremely useful in straightening curved penises as well as promoting penile growth.

Penis extenders

These devices work by means of tension or traction.  They apply a steady and constant force to all of the tissue in the shaft of the penis.  The body then naturally reacts to this force and the result is that more cells are created.  As the ligaments, muscles and other tissue expand and grow the penis becomes longer, straighter and thicker.  However, there are penis extenders which are poorly designed and in some cases can lead to no results or worse, even damage.  Choosing a tested penis extender is critical.

Using the penis extender properly is also critical. It requires, starting slowly by wearing the device for 2 hours per day for a week.  Then for 4 – 6 hours per day for greater than four months.  Also the extender needs to be worn for a minimum of 2 hour periods.  For example if you were wearing the device for 6 hours per day, you could break up that time into 3 sessions of 2 hours each.  It is also critical that you adjust the tension as directed by the manufacturer.  Improper tension will lead to either slow growth or may cause irritation.  Whenever any major discomfort or soreness occurs it is generally recommended that the device not be used until the discomfort goes away.

As you can see using a bad penis enlargement device or a good device incorrectly will hamper your ability to have your penis grow larger.  Once you have achieved the desired length and size, you can stop using the penis extender daily and use it only once or twice per week in order to maintain your larger penis.  With proper use you will spend only a few months to gain a lifetime of increased sexual prowess and pleasure.