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Penis Extender: Better Than Creams And Lotions

Do you feel all alone because you worry about your penis size?  Don’t despair.  Studies show that 85% of men are unhappy with the size of their penis and wish it were larger.  Discussing the penis size used to be left to jokes only.  No one felt comfortable seriously talking about the problem of having a smaller penis.  However, with the liberal movement people are thankfully able to enjoy more freedom and to talk seriously about all sorts of issues the conservative mentality would normally suppress.   Because of this there have been numerous studies to determine the reasons for small penises and how to make them larger.

Not only have there been studies on the size of the penis, but also on how this affects a man’s psychology.  Sexual performance or lack thereof is tied to self confidence in men.  If you feel a lack of confidence this also has a negative effect on your sexual performance.  As you can see how you feel about the size of your penis can have a negative feedback loop in your sex life and sexual performance.

As stated before we are now progressing from where we were.  There have been many products in the marketplace which are advertised to address these issues.  Among these products are various types of creams and lotions.  They often state that they can make your penis harder, more erect and often longer.  Testing has shown that there are no safe lotions which can make your penis longer.  Aiding in erection is normally only temporary and because those lotions make your penis more sensitive can lead to premature ejaculation.  There are also a host of other types of penis enlargement aids.  So many that it becomes daunting to be able to select an effective method or product.

The creators of the Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System have designed a comprehensive penis enlargement system using a four part method to insure not only a larger penis, but increased sexual performance over the long term.

The Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System starts with a penis extender or penis traction device. The device attaches to your penis and gently stretches it over time.  Don’t scoff if you think it looks funny.  It has been proven to work in various studies carried out by several universities and sexual medicine organizations around the world.  It has been proven to be completely safe and effective when used as instructed.

But, that’s not all.  The Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System realized that including penis enhancement pills along with semen volume increaser pills amplifies the results you get from the penis extender.  They also include a CD with all the instructions as well as penis exercises designed to create a stronger healthier penis and erection.

The ideas of penis traction and penis pills have been around for a long time.  Now with a more scientific approach and technological design process you can finally have a complete penis enlargement system which is guaranteed to work.

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