Proper Penis Extender Usage For Maximum Penis Enlargement Benefits

A penis extender is a small penis enlargement device designed to be worn for several hours during each day.   They can be worn under your clothes and are generally not visible and inconspicuous.  By wearing the device for a few hours every day the various cells in the penis are gradually stretched.  This action promotes increased muscle growth much like lifting weights do. The results are that the penis is longer, thicker, and harder when erect.

By using the following guide you will learn how to safely and comfortably use your penis extender to get the best penis enlargement results for you.

How to wear the penis extender:

  • Firstly be sure that your penis is dry and clean.  Get it to a state of semi-erection (about ½ to ¾ of full erection).
  • Locate the firm plastic base ring of the device.  Insert your penis through it and place it firmly at the base of your penis.
  • Place the silicon comfort strap right below the head of your penis and strap it on firmly, but comfortably.
  • There are two bars which run along the sides of your penis and are used to adjust the length and the tension (stretch) of the device.  Place the silicon comfort strap which is at the base of the head of your penis onto the two rods.
  • Finally adjust the tension to the stretch that you desire and is comfortable by turning the knobs on the rods.

It is advised that you wear loose fitting pants and have the penis extender aimed down towards the ground.  If you work in loose clothing and are generally standing then you will be able to wear the penis extender throughout the day.

Frequency and length of time

Studies have shown that wearing a penile extender for several hours (4 – 6 hours) per day leads to the best penis enlargement results.  It has been recommended by many sex experts that penis extenders should be worn for 6 hours at a time.  Obviously, most men won’t be able to follow those guidelines as they are simply too busy.  However, you can wear the extenders for a minimum of 2 hours straight, four times per day for a total of 8 hours.  If you are able to wear the device for longer periods you will see the fastest gains.  But, the gains will still be the same if you wear the penile extender for shorter periods (as long as you stick to the minimum of 2 hours straight). It will just take a few months more to see the same results.

When and how to stop using a penis extender

When your penis has reached the desired length and girth you can stop using the penis enlarger device.  For the best long term results you should gradually decrease the time that you wear the device.  This will insure that you avoid any possible discomfort and allow muscle and tissue to maintain the gain which you achieved.

As an example, if you were to use the penile extender for 6 hours per day, then you should lower the time to 4 hours per day for a week or two.  Followed by lowering the time to 2 hours per day for a week or two and then to 1 hour daily for at least one week.  After that you should continue to use the device for 1 hour 2 or three times a week for a month. Then you can finally stop and be assured that your gains in thickness and length will be maintained and your penis will not suffer any discomfort or injury.

Safety advice

Any penis enlargement device you use should have fully adjustable comfort strap included.  Using one without a comfort strap can be painful and cause injuries when used over the length of time necessary.

The strap around the head should be snug so that the penis does not slip out but not tight as to cut off circulation and cause damage to the penis.  The tension applied should be noticeably firm, but not painful or uncomfortable.  You are not looking to tear the tissue in the penis over the short term, but to stretch them over the long term.

When you first start, use the device for up to 4 hours per day.  After you get used to it you can increase your total time per day.  You should also divide the 4 hours into shorter two hour durations with one hour breaks in between sessions.

Do not use any penis extender at night.  It can get caught up in the sheets or clothing while you turn in your sleep and cause pinching or cut off proper circulation.  You should be awake and aware of any potential discomfort so that you can adjust accordingly.

Once per week take a day off.  This will aid in allowing the tissues to grow in all directions and not only lengthen.

To aid in tissue healing and regeneration you should take a men’s multivitamin.  I recommend taking a male enhancement pill.  This will increase your growth.

Stop smoking.  Smoking has too many negative effects upon the circulatory system and will inhibit proper tissue growth.

It is also recommended that you use a cream or oil with vitamin E or other cell rejuvenation ingredients to daily massage your penis before you go to sleep.

If you notice any abrasion or very uncomfortable sore spots you should remove the device and stop using it until all soreness has passed and any abrasions have healed.   Re-adjust the penis extender so that it is more comfortable before continuing to wear it.


Finally because penile extenders are to be used for long periods of time, be certain to use one that has been professionally tested.   It should be durable and easy to keep clean.  The penis enlargement device should also be completely adjustable not only for tension but also for comfort.  You want a longer, thicker, stronger penis.  Don’t get an unproven and potentially dangerous penis extender device which can damage your penis.