Size Matters, Even If She Says It Doesn’t

When asked, most women will say that penis size doesn’t matter.  However, recent studies indicate that in fact women are now admitting that indeed a larger penis is a better penis.  Yes, penis size alone is not only determinant into what makes a good lover.  The old “motion in the ocean“ adage comes to mind.  Sexual technique and stamina can be equally important as penis size. However, if you have a small penis there will be less sensation for the woman.  A thicker penis definitely gives her more pleasure than a thinner one.  A longer penis is important for stimulating her imagination as to how the sexual experience will be.

So even if you have a normal or slightly smaller than normal penis size you can see how for the woman, see a larger penis can be quite arousing and thereby mentally improving her sexual feelings.  There are also studies showing that ejaculation is also a huge turn on for women.  Specifically the volume of semen produce is viewed as more masculine and may trigger instinctual behavior.

Generally speaking, men who are more endowed than the average tended to walk around with more confidence.  They are more confident in approaching women thereby increasing their chances of having sexual relationships.  That sexual confidence translates itself into other areas of their lives as well.  Studies have shown that men who have recently had sex actually perform better in athletics than those who followed the myth of not having sex.  That confidence is also very likely to carry over to the board room, meeting room or job interviews.  When you are sexually capable you will exude not only an appearance and air of confidence, but you will also produce those male pheromones which women are sensitive too.

Now you can have the arsenal to take home the most sought after girls.  Or if you already have the girl of your dreams, you can now be certain that you can give her all of the dynamic sexual pleasure you know that she deserves.  Other men will want to be you and women will want to be with you or want their men to be like you.

Of course all of this is a pipe dream… right? Y ou are born with what you have and that’s the end of it.  Wrong!

Penis enlargement is achievable.  Penis size is not only hereditary.  Penis size can be affected by environmental factors such as what your mother ate when you were in her womb, or what you ate when you were growing up. T here are several other environment factors which can affect penis size and health.

Fortunately we live in a scientific, medical and technological age.  Research and studies have come up with several approaches for penis enlargement.  The  Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System consists of a penis extender,  penis enlargement and enhancing pills, semen volume increaser pills as well as an instructional CD with the best penis exercises for a stronger, healthier and larger penis.