The History of Penis Enlargement & Penis Extender Devices

the penis extender historyThe concept of penis enlargement by using a penis extender technique is not such a modern method.  There are many documented cultures that have practiced body modification.   Some have viewed large ears as being beautiful or expressing wisdom and have stretched their ears.  Others have viewed long necks on women as elegant and sophisticated which have led to women wearing rings around their necks to stretch their shoulders down and give the appearance of longer necks.  We’ve all seen photos or documentaries with people from various cultures wearing lip plates.  Some cultures go so far as to have men and women gain massive amounts of weight when they become elders or are to be married.

 It is less publicized but there are also documented cases of various cultures practicing penis enlargement.  There have been tribes in Africa and India who use weights as a penis extender to stretch the penis.  Polynesian tribes who use a sleeve like a Chinese finger trap and hanging rocks to do the same.  There have been historic drawings of men, priests and gods with massive penises.  Some drawings and sculptures date back to prehistoric times.

Ancient Arabia

Before the birth of Islam, Ancient Arabia had many sexually explicit tales where the men had large genitalia and sexual prowess.  The famous penis enlargement technique called Jelqing is arguably thought to have originated in the Middle East.   What is certain is that the Arabic word for milking is jelq.   Jelqing became famous around the world when in the 1970s Dr. Brian Richards did a study on the effectiveness of Jelqing which was published in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine.   It showed positive results for 87% of the study group.  Unfortunately there was no significant increase in penis size.  Today sexual experts suggest using some form of modern jelqing with a penis extender.


National Geographic and various documentaries are replete with all types of tribal body modification in Africa.  There are tribes where women may stretch their lips, elongate their necks or even enlarge their buttocks by being forced to overeat and not do any physical activity.  Even the men in some tribes may stretch their ears or gain huge amount of weight.  It is argued that jelqing may have been found by the Arabs in Africa.  There are tribes who wore gourds on their penis.  There is also an unconfirmed story of a tribe which employed hanging rocks as a form of penis extender to lengthen their penis.



The earliest Egyptian artifacts mention pharoahs who practiced penis weight hanging as well as mentions of experiments on slaves in attempts to increase penis size.  They also depict pharaohs and gods with very large penises.

Indian Subcontinent (Asia)

In Aryuveda the ancient medicine of India penis size and sexual union is fully studied. And of course, everyone knows about the importance of the Kama Sutra.  The oldest known god still worshipped in the world is thought to exist in Indian culture.  An image recognized as the god Shiva dating back four thousand years is seen sitting in the yogic lotus position.  The other symbol for Shiva is the lingam stone which is essentially a phallic symbol representing the erect penis.   There are yogic practices which include penis weight hanging which acts as a penis extender.

Rome and Greece

Greco Roman manuscripts detailing health and sexuality mention, “the preparation of the penis by using weights and heated massages.”  There are also numerous sculptures and paintings depicting extremely well endowed men.

Penis size has been an important part of many ancient cultures.   It is no wonder since sex is essentially important to having a strong and vibrant culture.  For millennia men have tried various types of penis enlargement techniques.  Some form or another of penile stretching has been used.  Today’s penis extenders are much safer and have greater control and safety than our earlier counterparts had.