The Importance of Penis Girth (Thickness)

Ask any man and he’ll probably know how long his penis is. Ask any woman and she’ll probably tell you that penis thickness is as important as penis length. Unfortunately most men are unaware of the girth of their penis. Penis girth is basically the average circumference of the fully erect penis.

What is the “normal” penis girth?

There is some variation in penis size and girth across the vast human population. Different studies tend to come up with different average lengths. The Kinsey Data from 1948 was used in a 1979 study and showed an average penis length from 5.5 – 6.5 inches and an average width of 4 -5 inches. More modern studies from around the world show slightly different averages. They tend to fall in the 5.1 – 5.9 inch range for length and 4.85 inches for the circumference or girth.

Why is penis girth important?

Sex researchers and professionals have found that most women prefer a thicker penis to a thinner one when it comes to sex. This can be related to a few key factors.

A thicker penis tends to have a stronger erection. It can lead to being a firmer or harder penis. A woman’s vagina has the most nerves along the first third of the vaginal canal. This means that most of the sensation during sex occurs at that point. The vaginal walls are also capable of stretching enough to accommodate giving birth. The thicker penis will also slightly stretch the vaginal walls allowing it to come into contact with more nerves leading to greater stimulation and sensation. The increase in this sensation will obviously cause the woman to feel greater sexual pleasure.

For these reasons girth rather than length is clearly the more important measurement when it comes to having pleasurable sex.

 How is girth measured?

A quick and easy method to determine the girth of your penis is to simply use a flexible tape to measure the circumference at the middle of the shaft of your erect penis. Modern studies use an average of three measurements along the shaft. The first point is just below the head, the second is at the middle of the shaft and lastly at the base of the penis. The penis must be in full erection for accurate measurements. Then you simply average the three measurements to determine the average girth of your penis.

 Can Penis Girth be Increased?

There is surgery. The surgeon basically performs liposuction from one part of your body and then injects the fat into the penis. This too has a temporary effect as the body quickly reclaims the fat. It also has greater potential for long term damage to the penis caused by infection and scarring.

Most studies indicate that there can be very little done to increase girth. Penis enlargement products such as penis pumps have been shown to temporarily increase girth but they come with potential to damage the penis with prolonged usage. There have been no credible long term studies done on male enhancement pills.

Using a penis extender or penis traction device has shown some small gains. However, some studies have shown the potential for gains in up to half an inch in girth. Generally using a reputable male enhancement pill, proper massage as per the instructions and a penis extender can lead to noticeable increases in penis girth.

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