The Nuts and Bolts of Penile Implants

Several decades ago erectile dysfunction was a mysterious ailment. Doctors were unsure of why some men were unable to get an erection. They did know that with some surgeries like prostate removal erectile dysfunction was to be expected as a result, but for other cases where there was no apparent trauma to the genitals they were unable to find the reason or cure. That was when they invented penile implants as a way of giving men with erectile dysfunction a way of having an erection and regaining some sexual function.

Penile implants are currently the best solution for men who cannot have an erection due to genital trauma caused by disease, surgery or injury. For men with erectile dysfunction due to other causes it is the most invasive solution and least likely to be done.

What is a penile implant?

A penile implant is a device which is surgically inserted into the penis to allow men who are incapable of achieving an erection to do so.

Types of penile implants

There are three types of penile implants used today.

1.  The non-inflatable implant

It is the simplest to use, requiring that the penis be bent up or down. It is the least expensive and is simplest surgical procedure. However, it requires the penis maintain a full erection at all times. This is bothersome for most men and can take longer to get used to post-operatively due to the initial pain of maintaining a full erection. I can also cause damage to the penis over the long term. It is used only 20% of the time in the USA.

2.  Two piece inflatable implant

Two chambers which can be inflated are inserted into the shaft of the penis. A small connected reservoir of salt water is at the base of the penis and a pump and release valve is placed in the scrotum. To gain an erection the man simply pump up the penis until it is at full erection. After sex he simply presses the release valve and the salt water drains back into the reservoir. The penis remains semi-erect because of the location of the reservoir. There can be long term damage caused.

3.  Three piece inflatable implant

Two chambers which can be inflated are inserted into the shaft of the penis. A reservoir of salt water is placed in the belly. A pump with release valve is placed in the scrotum. Erection is attained by using the pump to inflate the chamber with salt water and pressing the release valve allows all of the fluid to drain back into the reservoir. Patients are able to achieve the most flaccidity because there is less hardware in the shaft of the penis. Erections are harder because the reservoir and pump can be larger. It requires surgeons with a high degree of training.

Some negative effects of penile implants

Pain is not uncommon. It generally occurs immediately after surgery and for up to several months depending upon the type of implant and possible complications. There have been cases of chronic continuing pain both when not having sex and during sex.

Allergic reactions have in some cases been noted. The device is a made of several materials. Some individuals may have a hypersensitive reaction to those materials. If that occurs the penile implant has to be removed.

As with all surgeries infections can occur. This can cause scarring or nerve damage. Even after the penis has healed from surgery later infections can happen because of minor injuries caused by vigorous use or other external trauma.

Other complications may be an abnormal shape due to the bulk of the device or scarring. Long term damage to the surrounding tissue is not uncommon. As with all mechanical devices they may break down and have to be replaced.

As you can see. Penile implants should only be requested for serious erectile dysfunction cases where no other alternative is possible.

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